Bright Bots Pink Absorbent Training Pants

Bright Bots Pink Absorbent Training Pants

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Brightly coloured and comfortable, these training pants from Bright Bots are hard wearing and fully machine washable. They provide a much more environmentally friendly option to disposables.

These training pants have an absorbent terry lining that is designed to minimise little accidents and help your child become dry. They are not designed to hold a full wee but little accidents on the way to the toilet.

Perfect for the child who is basically dry but maybe prone to leaving the toilet dash to the last possible moment (or beyond!). Saves lots of changes of outer clothes.

Small - 12-16mths, Waist = 52cm, Height = 84cm

Medium - 2-2.5yrs slight build, Waist = 54cm, Height 92cm

Large - 2yrs chunky build or 3 year slight build, Waist = 55cm, Height 100cm

X-Large -2.5yrs chunky build Waist = 56cm, Height = 108cm

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