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There is no better way to celebrate the arrival of a baby than with a great gift, and we have an excellent selection of newborn baby gifts to buy onlineWhether you are family, a close friend or a work colleague, buying a baby gift is simple and easy at Wonder & Wild Kids.

Baby Shower

The latest trend for announcing the arrival of a baby boy or baby girl means you will need a baby shower gift. We are seeing more and more innovative ways to announce the sex of the baby, too, with many showers also becoming gender reveal parties. These include pop the balloon or cut the cake to reveal the colour pink or blue and the more out-there ideas like getting the family pet involved. No matter what type of shower you are going to, taking a gift is essential.

Make it your own

One great way to create personalised gifts is to create gift hampers, choose a selection of essential items such as a baby sleepsuit and a baby blanket and wrap them all up in your own way to make it one of those unique gifts just from you.

Celebrate The Birth

Of course, when the baby arrives, parents have a list of things as long as their arm that they will need. Burp Clothes, Onesies, Sleep Sacks the list is endless but rest assured that the new baby will need lots of these, so don't worry if you think you might be buying the same type of gift other people. The best gift is one that will be used and appreciated!

The Baby Onesie

You may think you were a trendsetter when you bought your first onesie, so you might be surprised to hear that babies got their first and have been rocking those zip-up all-in-ones for years. It's one of the easiest things a parent can put a newborn baby into and easily wash. So make sure that one of these is on your gift list or in your hamper.

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