Dinosaur Toys... You Thought They Were Extinct?

Dinosaur Toys

A long time ago, the dinosaurs became extinct, but the Natural History Museum will tell you they are still proving to be a real children's favourite. It's not a surprise then that Best Years Dinosaur Toys lead the herd with a wide range of dinosaur soft toys.

For the little ones, the range features baby dinosaur rattles which make an ideal baby gift. The soft tactile, knitted dinosaur has a stimulating baby rattle, and the materials are all ethically sourced.

And for the older kids who are dinosaur mad, there are large dinosaur toys like the adorable Best Years diplodocus dinosaur, which is one of our favourites. But it doesn't stop there; you also have the slightly scary rex dinosaur and a whole range of other beasts to discover at Wonder & Wild.

All toys are machine washable, so you can be sure that you can clean up afterwards no matter what the mishap.

So if you are looking for environmentally conscious toys and trying to avoid as much plastic as you can, this is an excellent alternative to wooden toys and what better way for your kids to have imaginative play away from a screen.

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