Children's Leggings - Kids Own Loungewear

Children's Leggings - Kids Own Loungewear

When it comes to kids, then leggings have to be the ultimate easy option. They are great for play and other activities, and the stretch fit means they are easy to wash and don't need ironing; it can't get much better than that.

But it's not all about how or why they wear them; the look and feel are critical too. Finding leggings that stay up is challenge number one, so an excellent wide elasticated waistband is essential, but it should also be soft and not too tight.

You also want your kids to want to wear them; there is nothing worse than the morning battle of what to wear, so having fun looking leggings is an excellent tactic for any parent. Bright colours, characters and animals are always a good place to start and can also help with a child's development.

For younger children and babies, the construction of leggings is vital to allow for the movement of developing legs and, of course, to accommodate a nappy. A strong seam between the seat and the legs gives reassurance that the leggings are going to be durable.

We chose Blade and Rose children's leggings when we wanted to source the best product for Wonder & Wild. For us, they ticked all the boxes for good quality, durable fabrics, excellent construction and styling and above all, colourful with fun characters for your kids.

If you haven't tried this brand, then we highly recommend ordering a pair to try. Prices start from just £10 for leggings and only £7 for the knit shorts for summer.